We publish books that illuminate the importance of artificial intelligence for social good, providing valuable insights for both individuals and organizations. Through our publications, we aim to guide and support them in embracing and implementing these AI-driven initiatives to create a positive impact on society.

Harnessing AI for a Better World

This book explores the concept of AI for Social Good, a movement leveraging artificial intelligence to address societal challenges, featuring various cases and lessons.
AI for Social Good (Textbook & Workbook V.1)

This book features real-world case studies of 'AI for Social Good' and includes interactive workbook activities to encourage students to explore and discuss potential AI solutions.
AI for Social Good (Teacher's Guide V.1)

This teacher's guidebook accompanies the textbook and workbook of 'AI for Social good', offering instructions on content delivery, activities, and facilitating discussions.
  AI for Creative Solution

This book offers guidance for organizations on effectively and efficiently utilizing AI, from successfully launching new products or projects to addressing a wide range of diverse and complex problems.