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Join the 'AI for Global Nutrition Youth Camp'

In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping how we approach global challenges, there lies an unprecedented opportunity for the youth to drive significant impact. 

Are you ready to explore how AI can be leveraged to address one of the most pressing issues of our time—global nutritional challenges?

What's the Purpose of This Camp?

"The AI for Global Nutrition Youth Camp" is a collaborative initiative by BIID, CGSI, and the Bangladesh Computer Council, designed to empower young minds with the knowledge and tools to drive positive change.

In a world grappling with challenges like climate change and economic disparity, AI holds the key to addressing these issues, and this camp is poised to unlock that potential. This camp introduces two tailored tracks: one for youth aged 12-18 and another for college students, each designed to meet their specific learning needs and interests.

The camp's mission is to create an environment that nurtures innovation and practical application of AI to improve global nutrition and health. It offers participants, regardless of their age group, the opportunity to explore AI's potential, develop impactful projects, and transform their passion and creativity into actions that contribute to a better world.
Who Can Join?

Our AI for Global Nutrition Youth Camp welcomes participants from two distinct tracks: youth enthusiasts aged 12-18 and college students, each with a curiosity about technology and a drive to address global challenges. 
Youth Track (Ages 12-18)

Open to teenagers who are keen to explore the world of AI, this track is perfect for those at any level of understanding, from beginners to those with some experience. 

The focus will be on igniting a passion for technology and empowering participants with the tools to make a difference in global issues.
College Track

Designed for college students who are looking to deepen their knowledge of AI and its applications in solving real-world problems.
It's an excellent opportunity for students to apply their academic learning in a practical setting, enhance their resumes, and collaborate on solutions that have a tangible impact on global nutrition and health.
Both tracks will be guided through a journey of learning, discovery, and innovation, tailored to fit the varying levels of expertise and focus areas. This inclusive approach ensures that every participant, regardless of age or educational background, can find value and opportunities for growth in our camp.

Camp Configuration
Virtual Lecture/Workshop (3 days)

(August 5–7, 2024)
Participants will be equipped with foundational knowledge and practical skills in AI, focusing on its application to global nutrition challenges.

Optional Field Trip (3 days)

(August 8–10, 2024)
Participants will experience firsthand the impact on how AI-driven solutions are implemented in real-world settings to combat nutritional challenges, enhancing their understanding and inspiring further innovation.

Virtual Camp Curriculum

(For 12-18 Youth Group)

Day 1: Introduction to AI and Its Impact on Health (3 hours)
Understanding AI Basics (45 minutes): Quick dive into what AI is and how it works with fun examples.
AI’s Role in Health (45 minutes): Explore how AI is solving health problems with interactive examples.
AI and Nutrition (30 minutes): Discover AI's role in improving global nutrition through engaging stories.
Break and Interactive Q&A (30 minutes distributed): Energizing breaks paired with a lively Q&A session.

Day 2: AI Tools in Action (3 hours)
Exploring AI Tools (1 hour): Hands-on activity with simple AI tools to spark creativity.
AI for Good (45 minutes): Discuss how AI can be ethically used for community benefits.
Group Brainstorm (45 minutes): Team brainstorming on AI solutions for nutrition challenges.
Breaks and Recap (30 minutes distributed): Refreshing breaks and a dynamic recap of the day’s ideas.

Day 3: Bringing Ideas to Life (3 hours)
Project Time (1 hour): Teams refine their AI project ideas with guidance from mentors.
From Idea to Prototype (45 minutes): Turning creative ideas into actionable project plans.
Project Showcase (45 minutes): Teams present their AI solutions, receiving feedback.
Closing (30 minutes): Inspirational wrap-up encouraging continued exploration in AI.

* Check the Virtual Camp page for detailed curriculum for each group.
Optional Field Trip

Experience firsthand the impact of AI on nutrition with an optional field trip to Bangladesh. Safety protocols and detailed itinerary will be provided.​

Explore BIID's 'Nutrition Club' projects and engage in discussions and activities about leveraging AI to address local challenges effectively.

Why Join?

Discover AI
 Learn the basics of AI and its incredible potential for social good.

Make an Impact
Work on real-world projects that aim to improve global nutrition.

Earn a Certificate
Complete the camp and receive a certificate from prestigious organizations

How To Apply

Ready to take the first step towards becoming an AI and nutrition innovator?

Fill out the application form on the sign-up page and tell us why you're excited to join the AI for Global Nutrition Youth Camp.

Learn About the Program Founders
Tony Choi

Tony Choi leads CGSI, a consultancy focused on sustainability and innovation. He has a rich background in ICT, having worked directly under the President of Korea on ICT policy and at Microsoft, where he put his passion for technology to work. Tony also founded ICT Hope, an NGO aimed at using technology for social good, and consulted for the World Bank. Recognized by the BMW Foundation as a Responsible Leader in 2011, Tony is dedicated to making a positive impact through technology and innovation. cg-si.org
Shahid Uddin Akbar

Shahid Uddin Akbar is the CEO and the driving force behind BIID, an NGO that blends ICT with innovation in Bangladesh. He played a key role in developing the eAgriculture Strategy with ITU and FAO and helped introduce the Rural ICT Market to Bangladesh. Shahid has been involved in global ICT initiatives like the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) and the WIFI Program with UN APCICT. His latest project, Nutrition Club, aims to engage youth in nutrition to support SDGs 1, 2, and 3, highlighting his commitment to using innovation for social change.
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